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Extinction Going Live - Watch as the Human Race leaves the Earth never to return - or is there a potential redemption of life possible on this planet? YOU be the judge!

 Extinction - Live 

Watch the EXTINCTION of the Human Race LIVE as it happens!

Will we survive?


 New Science Fiction Thriller invites you to watch the Extinction of the Human Race LIVE as it happens.  Amazing, mind-blowing  story for those who are worried the planet is on a dangerous course but who may also want to be part of something that can save it.  It's still not too late if we get a little help from our closest neighbors on  Mars and even Alpha Centauri.  Let's not forget about Man's best friend.  There may even be enough real Science and technological innovation in this book that will avert the final disaster and make life on Earth better and last to eternity.  Evolution takes a mind-blowing right turn away from the ultimate catastrophe because we have discovered the secret of of our fate, the Human genome, as well as the code of Artificial Intelligence and soon an Artificial Consciousness that is expanding rapidly out beyond  the space between our ears.  "In Positronium, We Trust."    

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As I create the PAGES - you will be able to read the next great Science Fiction thriller - also a potentially TRUE STORY.  Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction

Publication date - Dec.1, 2020
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Think it can't happen?
You need to read this book

Table Of Contents

Chapter One - Landing

ChapterTwo - The Cloud

Chapter Three - Jelly Beans

ChapterFour - The Oblivians

ChapterFive - Extinction Live

ChapterSix - Rubber Soul

ChapterSeven - Beatle Music

ChapterEight – Molecular Man

ChapterNine - Positronium

Chapter Ten - The Roll Out

Chapter Ten is the last FREE portion of my book - Sorry!

. . .



That could actually SAVE US FROM EXTINCTION

. . .

Chapter Eleven - Virga

Chapter Twelve - The End Game

Chapter Thirteen – The Dog Gone Truth

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Watch the Extinction of Humanity LIVE as it happens.  Science Fiction or history in the making?  You be the judge.

As most people know, our planet Earth is in very serious danger of losing all of the life forms that have existed here for billions of years, including humans, all due to the indifference and incompetence of our global governments who have all made a deal with the Devil to keep the world's economy dependent on fossil fuels that are known to cause cancer and to also cause what is  known as the 'Greenhouse Effect' in our atmosphere, the condition of having so much Carbon Dioxide and other toxic gases flowing from our tailpipes up into the air that it traps heat that comes from the Sun, heat that is normally life-giving and which keeps us comfortable, but which is now out of control and threatens to continue until the Earth will become hotter and hotter and like our nearest neighbor Venus will reach 900 Deg F. soon, the melting point of lead.

If we all do nothing, the Human Race and all life forms on the Earth could go extinct by the end of this century, early next century at the latest.  This gives us just enough time to begin to alter our lives just enough to avoid the final catastrophe, from which there is no return.  This book, written in the Science Fiction genre may be the actual timeline of events if we do nothing, but can also act as a shield against these future events that we are approaching with greater and greater momentum.
In this story all of the information that is needed to avoid the tipping point, the point of no return, the day in our very near future where nothing we do can turn us away from the total catastrophe due to cascading and worsening events in the Earth’s atmosphere is included free of charge.

Elon Musk, Spacex, NASA are the major players here because it could be that hedging our bets by reproducing the human animal on Mars and giving them a spectacular new array of technological achievements to survive there, may be the answer to our problems here.  In fact, it may already be too late for us here on the Earth, but it’s certainly not too late to terra-form Mars and get enough of us up there to repopulate the Earth some day.

There are no guarantees.  This story is one hopeful view of how it could all come together.  The author has always had great faith in an over-arching force in the universe who has our back.  If you don’t want to learn more about that – this may not be the book for you.  All of the amazing new scientific discoveries you will encounter here are based on actual science news coming from the laboratories and observatories all over the planet for the last several years, and some even in the future.

If you are one of those who are hiding your head in the sand and you don’t care about the fate of your children and their children and whether or not they can survive, then, you definitely do not want to read this book.  It’s the story of the worst future imaginable, the one we’re flirting with right now, and the potential ways of turning lemons into lemonade as never before in history.

If you like Science Fiction done in the vein of people like Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Kurt Vonnegut, you may enjoy this story as these are, in my humble opinion, the best writers of classic Science Fiction.  One more note:  The Science that is created in the imaginations of these authors has all come into our reality in one way or another.  Therefore, be aware that some of the Science introduced here may hopefully also become part of our reality soon.  If it does not - we could all die without it.  There are ways to make our economy boom and not be complicit in the destruction of our Mother Earth, but we have to start using them now.
Learning how this author (Michael Mathiesen) shapes the future in this unique set of events in this highly entertaining and inspiring story is your best foot forward in what may become our greatest journey together.  Good Luck to us all.  

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