Monday, November 2, 2020

Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize take place between Sept of 2020 and ends on Feb 1st 2021 - Please Nominate this author.

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Watch the extinction of the Human Race LIVE as it happens






NOMINATE the AUTHOR for the Nobel Prize - if you appreciate the fix we're in.

IN order to NOMINATE someone for the Nobel Peace Prize you must be a college or university professor or a member of several organizations listed on the Nobel Prize Committee web site.  The website will qualify you

Please NOMINATE just ONCE prior to Feb 1st, 2021

TELL THEM - "What good is PEACE if there is no one around to enjoy it?

Here's one of the Sample Pages that, in my humble opinion merits the Nobel Prize in Physics, at least.

“Yes, Brett, how are you?” the Beatle says.

“I’m Fine. Thanks for asking. But, I think what we’re all wondering here is how you got this kind of an ego? You have an odd way of talking to us as if you are a conscious being. We programmed in some of these features so that you could learn from your mistakes, but your questions about being turned off by us, which we’re quite in the habit of doing with our machines – that’s given us pause, so to speak,” Brett affirms, asking for and receiving a nod from Dr. VanDerbeek.

“Yes, I can see that Brett, so let me put it to you another way,” the Beatle returns.

“During the first of my engine tests, by aiming my engines in the axes that you have done which I believe was at random and since I have put out all of this thrust while strapped to the planet as I was, you altered the orbit of Mars so that it is now two hundred thousand kilometers closer to the Sun, which should result in greater solar radiation for the plants to absorb, which in turn will hasten the terra-forming, making the planet more liveable.  You have also increased the planet’s axial tilt by one half of a degree which will make the seasonal weather patterns more accentuated. Though most of you will not notice the differences, I will know.  I strongly recommend you take this into consideration in future tests of my engines,” the Beatle continues.

“That’s a really, really good answer, Beatle – I think,” Brett says, stunned as he turns to take in the reaction of the others. All of them appear to have the same blank stare on their faces as though in total shock.

They all turn to look at Fred VanDerbeek who’s face expresses more surprise than all the others combined.

“Why didn’t I think of that? The First Law of Physics, of course,” VanDerbeek laughs out loud.

“Beatle, if we turned your engines on full for longer periods of time, and this time aimed them a little better, how much closer to the Earth could we eventually make the orbit of Mars?” Brett asks, suddenly.

“How about just outside the orbit of Earth’s moon?” The Beatle replies.

“Interesting. Sister planets. I say that we only shut off the power to his engines, leaving the Beatle’s cognitive functions on for a day, or two and see how it goes,” Brett suggests to the others, smiling. He holds up two fingers crossed for all to see.

(My new book may someday become known as the best example of Science Fiction becoming Science Fact.  Imagine - if you will - future generations of humans looking up at the night sky to witness the glory of TWO MOONS around the Earth.  One of them - a planet, or THE planet - that saved our bacon!)

- Future generations will look up at the night sky and see this -



THEN MAKE YOUR PREORDER before DEC. 1st - our Official Publication Date

I would prefer to get the prize for LITERATURE - however, the Nobel Committee sends out invitations to those they think are the most eligible to nominate - a much more rigorous process than the Peace Prize where there is no letter of Invitation sent out first.

I would even more like to receive the Nobel Price for PHYSICS - however, judging by the past, truly revolutionary new ideas in Physics are not accepted until they have been proven.

A catch-22 in a way because someone has to have the faith and confidence in a new idea in order to invest the millions of dollars and entire lifetimes doing the research that may or may not prove the new theory.

AND in this category, the Nobel Committee sends out letters each year to those THEY think are the most qualified to nominate - I am confusticated again.

BUT, in case you're interested - listed below are the Science Books of my own invention, if you'd like to read the backup Science that is part of this new Science Fiction thriller of mine.

Listed Below are the Audible Books - Print and Kindle books are easily found by searching them on AMAZON with the Author's Name - Michael Mathiesen

Please HELP save the EARTH - TELL your FRIENDS!


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