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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Terraists Attacking everywhere - what can YOU do about it?

 Terraists Take Over The World

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Humanity is undergoing a massive identity crisis right now.  Half of the world is dangling over the cliff of a thermo-nuclear war where everything could turn into dust and ashes in about 30 minutes.  The other half of the world is living in a fantasy world known as the Metaverse where everything is just peachy.  Young men and women slash away at fire breathing dragons and outer space monsters with laser swords and phaser canons.
But the really odd thing is that many people living in the metaverse are actually spending more money than they do in the brick and mortar world.
So, I wondered if this new kind of Artificial Reality could gradually evolve into a new economic model that might be far more beneficial to just about everybody and even have the ability to save our planet from the planet rapists and pillagers who still seem to be taking over.  It's a good question, because if we do nothing, the planet will die out, killing all life forms now depending on it, including you and me, for all time to come.
What you will find in this revolutionary new book is the foundation for  a completely new economic system that punishes those whose production of green house gases that are choking off all life on this planet, And rewards those who are fighting to save it.  And all efforts, big or small are rewarded handsomely as you will find out.  BUT, the largest rewards will belong to those who join earlier rather than later because these will be the most unselfish.  The real generation who will suffer the most is what I call Generation X, your children or your children's children, so if you JOIN NOW, and really work at it, you are doing so, not for yourselves, but for all future generations. 

One thing is for certain, the old Capitalist economic model should be abandoned immediately if not sooner because it has brought us to the brink of disaster and shows no signs of eliminating the greed, apathy and indifference to the raping, plundering and pillaging of our planet.  Our only hope is to try something new.
That's where Terraism as outlined in this book can help us all just in time.
BUT ONLY if you join and become a Terraist today.
Terraism needs you.

BUT which side of the crisis will win?  The answer came to me recently when I realized that billions of dollars are already being spent - in real money - inside these fantasy games and APPS of the metaverse.  They're buying food and weapons for the artificial computer generated personalities, what's known as their AVATARs inside their metaverse world.
So, I thought why not use the Metaverse, instead of making a few coders billionaires, why not make the entire planet better off, prosperous, financially secure, happy and healthy members of a society that could very easily brush off all rumors of its premature death.
With every ounce of my economic and psychological skills I then cobbled together this working model of an economy that could sustain us all on a world where the air is getting cleaner, the water fit to drink, the oceans fit for all forms of life it wants and needs to support and ALL OF US CAN BE HEALTHY and HAPPY for the rest of our lives.
It's called Terraism and Terraism needs YOU.

Half of the minds around the world have gone over the cliff.  The global insanity, which I first noticed a couple years ago and  thought was caused by Covid-19 appears to be growing everywhere, even as this virus is waning.  As I complete the final pages of this book the nuclear powers around the world are actually raising these horrific weapons high into the air and threatening us all with the end of the world.
Wait What?  How is this possible in 2022?  The faces of the children in Ukraine look into the CNN cameras and ask us - "What kind of world did you bring us into?"
The sad answer is -  this one:  A world in which all their lives and all of OUR lives  could come to a screeching halt and a world in which there will be no hope to bring it back to where we have come after millions of years of evolution.  Someone once said it would be a world where the living would envy the dead.  
BUT EVEN if we are able to evade this horrible fate through some intervention by God or some other miracle of human ingenuity, we are still on a slower path of destroying the world from our own output of CO2 and other Green House Gases.  We're damned if we survive in the short term and damned if we don't.   
The present insanity wave that is spreading all over the world must be diagnosed, arrested, reversed and never allowed to rise up out of our political and economic malaise ever  again.
This book - Terraism - The New Economic System for the Metaverse' is the only antidote to the real TERRORISM spreading like a cancer across the face of the planet.
If you do NOT at least consider these actions I've created here in this book  just in time to save us all, you may want to  assess your own relationship to the world and ask yourself if you truly are deep in  your soul part of the Human experience, or are you just going it alone.
That's not a very good position to be in, nor a nice thing to say about you.  So - Let's hope that you have the will and the desire to learn more about this concept of fighting back in this way and are willing to even join us and become a real honest-to-God Terraist.  Nothing else seems to be working - so why not give our civilization another chance by trying something completely new and vital and full of possibilities that will benefit every living creature with whom we share this Earth and possibly even bring us all kicking and screaming into a new type of joy-filled world where everyone prospers, everyone is happy, balanced, logical and rational, where everyone has a job that they love and a family they can proudly hand all of these historic accomplishments down to?
Terraism needs YOU.

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