About The Author

 About The Author

Michael Mathiesen

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Prior to this book, I authored:

This is best read as the COMPANION to ‘Remaking Humans’ In order to best understand how I came up with these ideas, you should become familiar with the SCIENCE behind it in all of its finest detail.

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Please give this book a good review, but only if it makes a difference in your life and that you have learned a thing or two. The more reviews the book gets, the more it is found on Amazon and other marketplaces. And this book sorely needs to be discovered by millions of people if we are going to make a big enough difference to save the planet. Please do your part.

ALSO you can help a great deal by continuing your learning by getting hold of previous works of mine. But doing so, you will see how these ideas have evolved in my brain - which can make a huge difference in your own brain. I look forward to having such a ‘Meeting Of The Minds’.

Just prior to this book - I authored:

Audible Book

We’re living in times of miraculous discoveries and potential for the Human Spirit has never been greater - but are we getting the biggest bang for our bucks?



You can also find almost ALL of my books in the

MOST OF MY BOOKS are ALSO FOUND ON AUDIBLE As well as Print and Kindle


Prior to this book I Authored:

The Audible Book

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I was born in Boston, Massachusetts at an early age!

(Dumb, I know.)

I remember visiting the site of the Boston Tea Party. And I especially remember visiting the Boston Museum of Science which obviously had a great impact on me - although it was little known at the time.

I grew up in a beautiful little town, Natick, Massachusetts not very far from the first battle of the American Revolution and the ‘Shot Heard Round The World’ It was an idyllic place that I have often likened to ‘Walden’s Pond’. The place where I learned everything about Nature.

I have always felt close to the people who founded this great nation - but over my life-time learned that they were all slave-owners and then I started to realize that Slavery still exists today. So, I wrote a book about a new kind of America that may someday live up to all the ideals that we’ve fought and died for over the years.

AND in my most recent book - I have delivered on the way to FREE all the SLAVES - all of the American People.

through - ‘REAL DEMOCRACY’

It’s got to happen someday soon.

They call the United States a Democracy, but absolutely no one is ever allowed to vote for anything. NOT YET - NOT UNTIL WE ALL DEMAND the 28th Amendment

Prior to Real Elections, I wrote:

Because it’s not enough that only ONE COUNTRY ENJOYS a REAL DEMOCRACY - UNTIL and UNLESS the WORLD ENJOYS ALL THE FREEDOM THAT GOD HAS GRANTED US - There will be no HOPE for us as a


The Audible Book

The Print Version

Prior to this book - I wrote:

Audible Book

Print Version

This book is all about how to UPGRADE our Electrical Grid so that we can STOP THE WILD FIRES and WILD FLOODS and then REVERSE the Climate Emergency IN TIME TO SAVE THE PLANET.

This is a totally innovative plan that I devised where we combine all of the RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES in ONE FELL SWOOP in a completely new and modernized GRID.

Prior to this book - I AUTHORED

The Audible Book

Print and Kindle Version

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WE NEED YOUR 5-STAR REVIEWS BECAUSE there will certainly be an ARMY OF SCALLIWAGS who are fearful of change AND/OR firmly believe that the Human Race should be eliminated.



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Please tell everyone you know about this book because we all need to FIRST LEVERAGE ourselves in the most effective way. Then, doing everything else that we mention you can be doing in the final chapter. BUT FIRST - if this book is not a RAGING BEST-SELLER - we may not survive the coming catastrophe.

THEREFORE, send everyone to our Amazon Page or our website where you can gain access to news and updates regarding SAVING OUR EARTH plus access to all my other books.


ALSO go there often to learn about updates to this book - new information, new challenges, new things that YOU CAN DO.

Please get either the PRINT or AUDIBLE BOOK TODAY For even more Revolutionary new information you need to know and share with others.

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Prior to this book - I authored a Science Fiction Thriller based on many of the most exciting new breakthroughs in Science, such as the fact that many of our sub-atomic particles become entangled with one another, which means they know about the existence of their life-long partner - the first indication of soul mates?

Also, I have noticed that the situation we’re facing today in many ways is the opposite of what we should expect in our Evolution by this point in time. It’s a BIZARRO UNIVERSE and I think that there was a cross-over point, a nexis in the path of two or more time-lines and somehow we crossed over into the wrong path for humanity. I put it down to a cloud of ANTI-MATTER that our planet may have travelled through recently or may still be travelling through it.

I hope you’ll give it a read.

AND SPREAD THE WORD - IF everyone has this information and SHARES IT - WE’RE GOING TO BE OK~!

The Audible Book



Science Fiction based on the life and work of


What if they took Einstein’s brain after he died and kept it alive for decades? Imagine the ideas he could have given us in perpetuity. If you like ‘Thought-Experiments’ of Einstein’s this book is for you. Classic Science Fiction.

You can find other titles of mine on Amazon

Some of these are:

  • Real Elections 2020

  • Only You Can Help Save The Earth

  • The Green New Deal

  • - The Rise of Democratic Socialism

  • Brain Drain

  • Someone Completely New

  • Autonomous Government

  • The Future of Cars

  • Anti-Matter (Science Fiction)

  • The 4 States Of Consciousness

  • Can Electrons Learn?

  • Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons

  • The Force Equation

  • One Crazy Bastard Saves The World (Sci-Fi)

  • The Origin Of Creation

  • The Flux Antenna

  • Metamorphosis - #AICocoon

  • The Doomsday Watch

  • The God Particle Bible

All of these titles are also available on Audible.com

Prior to this book, I authored - Autonomous Government and I authored the Science Fiction novel - Anti-Matter, as well as several others I list for you below. These previous works were my first inspiration for the ideas in this book. I hope you’ll give them all a read.

It’s BLEEDINGLY OBVIOUS to most of us that HUMANS HAVE FAILED US - Perhaps it’s time to let ROBOTS TAKE OVER.

The Audible Book

The Print and Kindle Version

Prior to this book - I authored.

The AudibleBook

Print and Kindle Versions

This book was also inspired while writing about the Future of Cars because the same technology of autonomous cars can be simply and quickly adapted to provide the mechanisms for the Autonomous Government.

The Future of Cars was inspired by this book, published a few weeks prior - Anti-Matter

The Audible Book

The Print and Kindle Versions

When things go bad in our lives, we usually put it down to just ‘Bad Luck’ or ‘Karma’ or ‘Fate’. It’s none of these things - It’s the influence of Anti-Matter in our vicinity of Space/Time.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS - About this new discovery - Send them this URL


Or just search in Amazon.com for the Print and Kindle versions

This book, though fictional for the most part, possesses elements of Science that I believe are hundreds of years ahead of generally accepted ‘truths’ of Science. It is also the story of my life because when I look back at all of the negative things that impacted my life, none of it was really my fault. They all stem out of the impact of Anti-Matter on my life’s events. Could it be the same for you? Read this book and you will know.

Recent Scientific Discoveries are starting to prove that I’m right. At my website, I update all of my scientific theories.

Anti-Matter could be the key to all of our fates as individuals and even entire societies.


Which was Inspired by an earlier work -

The 4 States of Consciousness

From my research that I also briefly include in this book, it is now known the Electrons possess many states, but one of them is the state of Consciousness. We know about this from the recent discovery known as Entanglement Electrons. What this taught me is that the concept that we know and love as Consciousness is not exclusive to humans, but emanates up to us through the workings of the universe.

Electrons are the first known sub-atomic region to exhibit the property of Consciousness. This book explores how they hand it up to us through the next levels of construction of all things. So, the entire universe then starts out as Consciousness as transported by the smallest of the particles that make up our universe. This energy of course cannot be trapped in such a small space - what I call the Flux and therefore it has to burst forth into everything that we see, taste, smell, touch, hear and know.



One of my Flagship Titles and soon to become a Classic work of Science

The 4 States of Consciousness Inspired me to think of a way that my theory can someday be proven.

Prior to this book, I was inspired to author - Metamorphosis - #AICocoon. This is a deeper research into what you have read about in this book - the Coming AI Revolution and how fast it is coming upon us. We’re about to go into the AI Cocoon. We better make it big enough for all of us.

The Audible Book

The Print and Kindle Versions

Prior to the creation of this Book, I was inspired by my research on The Greatest Force - And How To Use it. I advise anyone desiring to get the most out of this device to get this book next and absorb all of the Science. It's all briefly discussed here, but you may be the type of person who enjoys the detailed work.


Go To ->


Or search in Amazon for the Print book.

OR take the Online Udemy Course




Prior to this book, I worked in a new kind of electricity that may someday change the world. Maxtricity!

The information for this book came from the research I did for a previous book - "Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons"


Print and Kindle Versions

The facts will show that Electrons know about each other in certain conditions known as ‘Entanglements’. This made me realize that the smallest particles of the universe - that we even use to create thought in our BRAINS have CONSCIOUSNESS and then I realized upon further study precisely how this UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS works its way up to US.

Just after publishing ‘Maxtricity’, I challenged the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider to conduct an experiment to prove me right or wrong. So far, they have yet to try it. Let’s give them some help.


Print and Kindle Versions

OR take the Online Udemy Course


All of my books are in a line of procession from my earliest understanding of the evolution of Consciousness, to the one that I know now. It all started with the discovery of the God Particle. This is the particle that is the CREATOR of all OTHER sub-atomic particles in the known universe. So, how can we miss the major signal that we’re getting from Outer Space, the originating FORCE of EVERYTHING -

The Force’ in Star Wars perhaps?

As soon as I could comprehend this major announcement by the folks at the Large Hadron Collider run under CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, I wrote - The God Particle Bible


The Audible Book

The Print and Kindle Versions

When the scientists using the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland announced the discovery of the God Particle or the Higgs Boson, I was watching and waiting to get all of their data so that I could write a book that would do this discovery justice. I think I have accomplished that goal in this book.

What better way for God to create the universe, in other words, than to send out uncounted legions of his particles to create the world as they spread their influence all over Creation?

At or about this time, I also began to think about the process of human Evolution and I realized that we take our original steps just a few minutes after The Big Bang. Over billions of years, we reach a certain level of awareness that we know today.

But, we have a long way to go.

The Audible Book

The Print and Kindle Versions

All of our scientific knowledge about our own evolution starts at the formation of life on the Earth around 5 billion years ago. My work focuses on our evolution from the day that the universe was created in the Big Bang - some 13.7 billion years ago.

OR take the Online Udemy Course


I’m most proud of my 4 States of Consciousness because the Science cannot be dis-proven by anyone and may someday even be proven with more research into the discovery of Entangled Electrons. These are electrons and other sub-atomic particles that actually know about and react to the existence of their life-long partners, their soul-mates. I believe that the human concept of soul-mates derives from this earliest example of such a thing.



~ ~ ~

ALSO - You can go to AUDIBLE.COM and have any of my books for Free with an AUDIBLE reading of the complete book by myself. They are Free if you simply open a Free 30-Day Trial in an Audible Account. Doing so would make me very happy because it's through my Audible books that I feel a connection with my audience and hopefully you will share this Vibrational State with me.

Prior to all of these books, I wrote:

America 2.0


Politicians keep saying that the United States is a Democracy - THAT’S A LIE - America never was any form of a REAL Democracy and never will be until We The People are LARGE and IN-CHARGE!


FOUND at - MyAudibleBooks.com

And now, after the Global Pandemic has changed so much - I finally hear a chorus of folks proclaiming that this is where we’re headed.

Audible Books Make a GREAT GIFT - Listen to the book narrated by the author while you DRIVE to WORK or go about your daily chores.


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You can help make these great changes or leave everything the way it is. “They” will not do it for you.

ALSO - keep up to date with new ideas, new versions, new organizations, new things YOU CAN DO to help save our beautiful and mother of us all planet Earth

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